• Veronica Lönnqvist


In this blog post, I’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about crochet alongs. In September I’m hosting my 11th crochet along and it’s definitely not my last. During these events I often get asked questions about crochet alongs. Down below I'll bust through the 5 most asked questions about crochet alongs (aka CALs) covering everything from 'What is a crochet along?' to 'What does it cost?'.

Tell me in the comments: Have you been participating in a CAL and did you enjoy it? If not, would you like to try one?

If you prefer to watch a video you'll find the video where I cover the same topic here.

1. What is a CAL?

A CAL is the short-term for crochet along. A crochet along is an event where people are working (crocheting) on a project at the same time and pace.

CAL = Crochet ALong

2. What do you crochet in a crochet along?

There are different kinds of crochet alongs. A crochet along can be hosted around a certain theme, pattern, or designer.

There are also mystery crochet alongs where you don’t know what you’re crocheting until the end of the CAL. These crochet alongs are for all my fellow crocheters that love surprises.

Usually, you’ll get a small sneak peek at the beginning of the CAL so you know the theme or the type of project (blanket, amigurumi, etc) that you'll be making. The rest is a mystery. In these cases, the pattern is usually divided into pieces that you’ll get during the CAL until you have the whole pattern.

Lola the giraffe was a part of the mystery amigurumi crochet along that I hosted in June. If you want to read more about my mystery amigurumi crochet alongs you'll find more information here.

3. Where are the crochet alongs hosted?

A crochet along can be hosted in real life or digitally on a platform like Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, Youtube, or a blog. There are also crochet alongs that do not require you to have a social media account. These crochet alongs are usually hosted through an email list, on Youtube or in real life.

4. Does it cost anything to join a crochet along?

The cost of participating in a crochet along depends on the host. There are both free and paid crochet alongs and the price can vary between a couple of euros to up to 30 euros. The price is up to the host and often reflects the pattern's complexity and the item's size. There are also crochet alongs that include a yarn kit and that of course increases the price.

5. Where do I find crochet alongs to join?

I’m hosting annual mystery amigurumi crochet alongs that you’re welcome to join. The next two crochet alongs are hosted in September and in December. You can read more about how my crochet alongs work here. I’ve also added a list of crochet alongs down below for you if amigurumi is not your cup of tea!

CROCHET ALONGS (Click on the pink name to read more)


Garnknuten - Annual mystery amigurumi crochet alongs. Yarn kits are available!

Crochet Along Adventures - Monthy amigurumi crochet alongs

The Loopy Lamb - Amigurumi Advent Calendar crochet along 2022


BebaBlanket - Mosaic blanket crochet alongs

Textures Crochet - Crochet alongs featuring blankets and accessories


Made by Gootie - Home decors and other mosaic crocheted items

Spanish Clover Crochet - Crochet alongs featuring mosaic blankets and home decor