• Veronica Lönnqvist

SUMMER HAT | free crochet pattern

Let's crochet a cute summer hat for our amigurumi! There are two versions for this hat, one with two holes so that the ears and horns of your amigurumi have somewhere to poke out and one without. If you use the same yarn and hook as mentioned in the pattern your hat will fit several happy amigurumi, like Polly the parrot, Tilde the bunny, Hilda the hippo, and Ralf the Moose. Which one is your favorite?

Down below you'll find the free crochet pattern for this adorable summer hat with a scalloped edge. Make it for your amigurumi or why not for yourself!

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If you prefer to follow a video tutorial you'll find it here.


Yarn: Cotton yarn or something else you have in your stash

(ex. recycled cotton Karma from Kremke Soul Wool, 50g = 105m)

Crochet hook: a size that works with your yarn. (ex. 3.5 mm)


Darning needle


r= row, st = stitch, sl st = slip stitch, ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, inc = increase, FLO = front loop only

You'll find the video tutorial for each crochet stitch by clicking on the pink (lined) text.


▪ The summer hat is crocheted in a spiral with the color of your choice.

r 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second ch from the hook. (6) = magic circle r 2: [inc]x6. (12) r 3: [sc, inc]x6. (18) r 4: [2 sc, inc]x6. (24) r 5: [3 sc, inc]x6. (30)

r 6 (holes): 4 sc, inc, 8 ch, skip 7 st, 2 sc, inc, 4 sc, inc, 8 ch, skip 7 st, 2 sc, inc. (36) r 6 (no holes): [4 sc, inc]x6. (36)

crochet summer hat pattern amigurumi

r 7: [5 sc, inc]x6. (42) r 8: [6 sc, inc]x6. (48) r 9-11 (3 r): 48 sc. (48) r 12 (FLO): [5 sc, inc]x8. (56) r 13: [6 sc, inc]x8. (64) r 14: [7 sc, inc]x8. (72) r 15: [skip 2 st, 7 dc in the same st, skip 2 st, sl st]x12

▪ Cut off the yarn and fasten the ends.

Woohoo you've crocheted a summer hat! Who are you gonna try it on first?

Please click on the ❤ if you like the pattern!