• Veronica Lönnqvist

Ralf the moose crochet Christmas sweater

I hosted my very first crochet along (CAL) in December 2018. Ralf the moose (elk) was the first amigurumi we crocheted together and one of my very first crochet patterns. Since then I've hosted 8 crochet along and published over 60 crochet patterns! What an amazing journey it has been!

Ralf the pattern is still available in the webshop and is one of my bestsellers but the sweater hasn't been available since the CAL. My friends! It's time for a release! Down below you'll find the last part of the December CAL 2018 which is a Christmas sweater for Ralf. The sweater fits also on Luna the cat, Ebba the unicorn, Klara the panda, and Ellie the elephant. Who are you crocheting a sweater for?

ABBREVIATIONS US-terms (Click on the stitches to find helping video tutorials!)

r - row

st - stitch

ch - chain stitch

sl st - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

inc - increase

dec - decrease

cc - change color

[…]x… - repeat the instructions in the brackets x-times

(…) - the number of stitches at the end of the round.

Ralf loves Christmas trees so of course, he needs to have one on his sweater. Each year he decorates his own tree with colorful pine cones painted by himself. For Christmas, Ralf wishes for some knitted horn warmers and a reflective vest.


- All the parts are crocheted back and forth with yarn D (red) and E (white).

- Crochet two rows of color E, cc to color D. Repeat this until the sweater is done.

ARMS [x2]

- Crochet 25 ch, turn (25)

r 1-18: 24 sc. ch, turn. (24)

- Cut off the yarn and weave in the ends.

- Sew the arm into a tube.


- Crochet 43 ch, turn. (43)

r 1-18: 42 sc. ch, turn. (42)

- It’s time to attach the arms to the body.

r 19: 4 sc on the back of the body, 12 sc on the first arm, 9 sc on the front of the body, 12 sc on the arm, 5 sc on the back of the body. [ch, turn] (42) (Now you should have attached both arms to the sweater and there should be a hole under each arm.)

r 20: 42 sc. ch, turn. (42)

r 21: 3 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec, 7 sc, dec, 10 sc, dec, 4 sc. ch, turn. [38]

r 22: 38 sc. ch, turn. (38)

- Cut off the yarn and weave in the ends.


- Crochet 22 sc on both vertical sides of the back of the sweater.

- Continue to crochet 31 ch, turn.

- Crochet 30 sc (one in each chain).

- Cut off the yarn and weave in the ends. This is the ribbon we’re going to close the sweater with.

- Do this on both sides so that you have two ribbons to tie with.

- Close the holes under the arms.


- The tree is crocheted with green (or any other color you have in your stash) yarn and color A (brown).

- The tree is crocheted back and forth.

PART 1 (green)

r 1: 2 ch, 2 sc in the second chain from the hook. ch, turn. (2)