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POKEMON BOLL | Free crochet pattern

Hi everyone! Lukas and I are probably not alone to love movies and to love spending time at the cinema. Last Sunday we went to watch Detective Pikachu. I mean, who doesn't want to see Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) as Pikachu? The Pokemons were amazing, the humans not so much... Enough chatting, in this blog post you'll find a free Pokemon ball crochet pattern for you guys. It’s perfect to squeeze when there’s a sad moment or throw it at someone who can't shut up during the movie.


Yarn: organic cotton yarn (50g=160g ex. BC GARN Alba) or something from your stash, (ex.) in the colours red, white and black

Crochet hook: a size that works with the yarn (ex. 3.00 mm)

Abbreviations: st=stitch, ch=chain stitch, sc=single crochet, inc=increase, dec=decrease, cc=change colour

(Tip! Some of the stitches has a videotutorial. Click on the stitch to get to find the video.)


- Start to crochet with red yarn.

r 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second chain from the hook (6) = magic circle

r 2: [inc]x6. (12)

r 3: [1 sc, inc]x6. (18)

r 4: [2 sc, inc]x6. (24)

r 5: [3 sc, inc]x6. (30)

r 6: [4 sc, inc]x6. (36)

r 7: [5 sc, inc]x6. (42)

r 8-9: 42 sc. (42) cc to black yarn.

r 10-11: 42 sc. (42) cc to white yarn.

r 12-13: 42 sc. (42)

r 14: [5 sc, dec]x6. (36)

r 15: [4 sc, dec]x6. (30)

r 16: [3 sc, dec]x6. (24)

r 17: [2 sc, dec]x6. (18)

r 18: [1 sc, dec]x6. (12)

- Stuff the boll vit organic cotton (or rise, or peas).

r 19: [dec]x6. (6)

- Cut off the thread. Fasten both threads.


- Start to crochet with white yarn.

r 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second chain from the hook (6) = magic circle

r 2: [inc]x6. (12) cc to black yarn

r 3: [1sc, inc]x6. (18)

- Cut off the thread, but save approximately 20 cm so that you have something to attach the button to the ball with. Fasten the other thread.

- Sew the button on to the ball. Fasten the thread.


Click on the picture to go to the pattern.

Please click on the ❤ if you like this pattern!

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