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SPLASH THE CROCODILE | Pattern testing

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I’m a person who likes the familiar things in life and I’m trying hard to do new things that are out of my comfort zone. Believe it or not! Now I’ve set my foot into a whole new world, pattern testing. (also known as test knitting / test crocheting)

crochet crocodile pattern

What the heck is pattern testing?

Pattern testing is when you knit or crochet a pattern that is not yet published to help the designer to find errors and mistakes in the pattern before it’s released. When you design a pattern it’s easy to get word-blind and therefore it’s good to have a couple of people to knit/crochet and read through the pattern step by step. Pattern testing is a fun way to discover not yet release patterns and a way to be a part of the pattern making. Pattern testing is also a great way for designers to quality check the pattern!

crochet pattern testing

My experience

This is my first time pattern testing and I must say it was a really nice experience! I was a bit scared that I would feel stressed about the deadline but we had two weeks to crochet Splash (by Kim Friis) and it was a good amount of time for an amigurumi. It’s also over seven years since I’ve crocheted an amigurumi designed by someone else which was a bit scary but it gave me new inspiration, oddly enough. I’ve always kept myself away from others amigurumi patterns, afraid of blocking my own ideas and plagiarize unconsciously others , but maybe my mind needed some time off from designing… So nice to not have to think!

Take care and go and say hi to Kim at her Instagram @crochetbykim !

Have you pattern tested? And what are your experiences?

SPLASH (link to pattern)

Crocheted by: Veronica Lönnqvist

Designed by: Kim Friis @crochetbykim

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