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OCTOBER CAL 2021 | Assembling

Let's assemble Flora the bat together! Down below you'll find the assembling instructions for the October CAL 2021 and the live assembling party that I hosted in the Facebook group. I'd love to hear your feedback regarding the crochet along. What did you like? What should I do differently next time? Let me know in the comments below!

Feel free to share your final Floras in the Facebook group and on Instagram. Use the hashtags #garnknutencalparty and #octobercal2021 to get found by me and other crochet alongers!

Did you miss the CAL? No worries, you can buy the pattern here!


1. Attach the head to the body.

2. Pin the eyes to the head between r 11 andr 19. There are 4 stitches in between theeyes. Sew the eyes onto the head.

3. Pin the ears to the head with a slight bendbetween r 6 and r 17. Sew the ears not thehead.

4. Attach the wings to the back of the batwith a couple of stitches at the corner of thewing.

5. Embroider a nose between the eyes on r17 and r 19.

6. Tie the scarf around the neck.

7. Tadaa! You've made it!

Do you prefer to follow a written step-by-step pattern? Buy the pattern here!

Please click on the ❤ if you enjoy the CAL!

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