• Veronica Lönnqvist

Goals for 2019

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2019 is the year of content! My main focus for Garnknuten this year is to give you great free content on the blog and on my Youtube channel. 2019 is also a year when I’m going to make things for myself. The last years I have mainly been creating for others and now it’s time for some self love. What are your goals for 2019? Share the ones you are most excited about in the comments!


2018 was a great year when I released my first Green Yarn Mail box and the great response it got made me fall of my chair. I have great things planned for the next 4 boxes, so stay tuned or join the newsletter to not miss any news!

GOALS: Sell 500 boxes

  • Publish one box in Finnish

  • Give the opportunity for yarn stores to sell gift cards for GYM

  • A really good marketing plan for Google and Facebook

  • A separate homepage for GYM

  • One box with indie dyed yarn

  • One box with yarn made in Finland



This autumn I brought life into the blog again and I will do everything to make 2019 a year with a lot of good content here on the blog. If you have any special requests on blog posts please throw them in the comments.

GOALS: 1000 email subscribers

  • 52 blog posts (1 post/week)

  • 12 free crochet patterns

  • 6 guest bloggers (Are you interested? Send me a mail and we can plan something fun together!)

  • 2 CALs (easter and christmas)


Youtube was a whole new world that i dove into last year and I kind of fell in love. I had no intention to and I was really sure I wouldn’t like the concept but i really did. There will be new tutorials throughout the year. If you have any special tutorials or videos you would like me to make please leave a comment below!

GOALS: 1000 subscribers

  • 25 videos in English

  • 25 videos in Swedish



Of course I will also design new patterns this year! I mean it’s what I live for!

GOALS: 8 patterns for the store and 12 free patterns for the blog

  • Design my first clothing piece

  • Design my second knitting pattern

  • Design new amigurumis



I have a lot of business related goals this year but I also wanted to share some private goals of mine.

  • Knit 5 items for myself

  • Crochet 5 items for myself

  • Move (to another town or just a new apartment)

  • Graduate x2

  • Cook a lot of food on Sunday to limit the stress

  • Read 6 books


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