• Veronica Lönnqvist

DECEMBER CAL 2021 | Part 10

Updated: Jan 18

The last part of the December CAL 2021 is here! Part 10 includes the assembling instructions for our festive holiday (falalala)llama Frida! Did you guess the amigurumi right or was it a total surprise?

Frida is an adorable llama who dreams of becoming a Christmas tree. She's been writing letters to the Christmas tree associations for several years now but nobody takes her seriously, so she decided to take her future into her own hands. I think she's the prettiest tree ever and her happy friends couldn't agree more!

Assembling can be horrifying! And I bet I'm not the only one putting it off! That's why I want to invite you to our live assembling party.


What? A live stream event where I'll assemble my amigurumi and you can tag along! Bring your favorite needle and holiday beverage!

When? Sunday 19th of December 16:00 EEST (Helsinki Time) - Add to your calendar! Where? My Youtube channel - Click here to join the live stream!


1. Attach the legs part 2 to the legs part 1.

2. Pin the nose to the head between r 8 and 15. Sew the nose to the head.

3. Pin the eyes to the head between r 9 and r 14. There are 3 stitches in between the nose and the eyes. Sew the eyes onto the head.

4. Fold the ears and pin them to the head between r 4 and r 5. Sew the ears onto the head.

5. Embroider a nose with black yarn.

6. Wrap the string lights around the body and secure the ends with a couple of stitches.

Congratulations! You've made Frida the (falalala)llama!

GIVEAWAY! Everyone who finishes the pattern and shares a picture (on FB or IG) of the finished amigurumi before 24.12 is participating in a giveaway. I'll be giving aways 5, 10€ gift cards to the shop! Use the hashtag #garnknutencalparty and #decemebercal2021 so I and your fellow crochet alongers can find you!

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