• Veronica Lönnqvist

RAINBOW | Free crochet pattern

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Let's celebrate diversity with this cute rainbow! In this blog post you'll find a free pattern for this cute tiny rainbow! Put it on your keys or on your bag! Happy crocheting!


Yarn: Scrap yarn from your stash in 5 different colours or hues. Thicker yarn = Bigger rainbow

Crochet hook: a size that works with the yarn

Abbreviations: r = row, st = stitch, sl st = slip stitch, ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet, inc = increase, cc = change colour


- The rainbow is not crocheted in spiral but with a seam. Which means:

- End each row with a sl st in the first stitch of the row and a ch. These stitches are not counted for at the end of the row.

- The new row always starts in the same stitch as the sl st.

r 1: 9 ch, ch turn. (8)

r 2: [2 sc, inc]x6, cc, sl st, ch. (24)

r 3: [3 sc, inc]x6, cc, sl st, ch. (30)

r 4: [4 sc, inc]x6, cc, sl st, ch. (36)

r 5: [5 sc, inc]x6, cc, sl st, ch. (42)

- Fold the rainbow and crochet together the two edges with sc.

r 6: [6 sc, inc]x3. (24)

- Fasten off the yarn ends.

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