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Crochet business goals 2021

It's time to share the business goals for Garnknuten 2021! I love setting up goals, but this wasn't the case a couple of years ago. I didn't even see the point in setting up goals because I was too scared of failing. But things changed when I started studying business a couple of years ago. Our coaches gave us great tools for setting up measurable and realistic goals for ourselves and our businesses and now this is one of my favourite things to do in January.

I've divided my goals into business related goals and private goals. I have a huge list of goals this year but I know that if I continuously release and market new content and patterns I'll definitely reach them.


  1. 120 000 website sessions

  2. 600 sold crochet patterns

  3. 12 000€ in revenue

  4. Hire a bookkeeper

  5. 10 000 subscribers on my email list

  6. Make my first online course!

  7. Release 12 new patterns

  8. Blog at least 2 times a month

  9. Host 3 crochet alongs

  10. Sell 100 yarn kits


  1. Read 12 books

  2. Train 2-3 times a week

  3. Save 9 000€ for the apartment

  4. Play a lot of games with our friends

  5. Go on an adventure with Lukas and Saffran

  6. Draw at least once a week

I hope this gives you inspiration to sett your own goals fro 2021. Lets' check in June how it's going! Thank you for reading!


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