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CROCHET 101: How to crochet a magic circle [or magic ring]

In this blog post you'll learn how to crochet a magic circle or magic ring. This is a popular way of starting a project that you're crocheting in the round like amigurumi for example. There is a lot of different ways of doing this technique but this is my favorite. Down below you'll find a step-by-step tutorial with helpful pictures and a video tutorial if that's your cup of tea!

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Picture 1-2. Put the yarn over the hook and cross the yarn end with the working yarn.

Picture 3. Put the working yarn over the hook, from behind.

Picture 4-6. Pull the working yarn through the loop on your hook. This is your first chain stitch.

Picture 7. Crochet one more chain stitch.

Picture 8. Crochet 6 single crochet stitches (or as many as the pattern says) in the second chain from the hook (=the first that you made).

Picture 9. Pull gently the tail of the yarn to close the gap. Finish!

how to crochet magic circle ring

This is a great technique when starting an amigurumi or something else that you want to crochet in the round. You can make magic circles with different amounts of stitches but 6 6 single crochets is the most usual when starting with an amigurumi.

VIDEO TUTORIAL How to crochet a magic circle (or magic ring)


Click on the picture to go to the pattern.

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