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Mystery crochet alongs

Do you like surprises, amigurumi, and connecting with like-minded people? Then Garnknutens popular crochet alongs might be something for you!


Our crochet alongs are fun digital events where you get to discover a brand new amigurumi, part by part, together with other amigurumi crazy people during a certain period of time.

The next crochet along will be hosted in September 2022.

Previous crochet alongs

Garnknuten has hosted 9 crochet along for almost 5 000 amigurumi lovers from all over the world. Down below you can view the amigurumi we have crocheted together so far. Which one is your favorite?

Missed the crochet along? No worries, you'll find the patterns in the webshop.

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How does it work?


Buy a ticket! Join the waiting list to know when the tickets for the next CAL will be available.


Wait for the pattern parts to arrive in your email inbox. The pattern is usually divided into 6-10 parts that are sent to your inbox 1-2 days apart.


Download the pattern part tracker and write in the dates in your calendar.


Join our amazing Facebook community and share your progress with your friends! #garnknutencalparty


"This was my first CAL and Klara was so fun to make! The instructions were simple and well explained."


Veronica Lönnqvist

Veronica is the crochet designer behind the company Garnknuten and your crochet along host and personal cheerleader. She's here to help you create adorable amigurumi and have a great time doing so! One of Veronica's favorite parts of her business is hosting crochet along events and that way connecting with like-minded amigurumi nerds all around the globe.